MoldMaker MMCD GSM concentartor


Concentartor MMCD with GSM router mounted in a cabinet. It is used in production plants with no possibility to connect to an internal LAN network or there is firewall protection.

  • supports up to 750 counters simultaneously
  • works with any SIM card
  • requires 300-700 MB internet data a month
  • supports GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA+ transmision
  • external antenna increases the GSM network coverage
  • VPN tunnel support
  • ready to use after inserting any SIM card
  • does not require connection to the internal LAN network

Optional, maintenance-free and automatic receiving device,  which regularly performs readings from counters in range and sends them to the server. It acts also as a security in the event of a lack of Internet connection with the server. Stores readings in its internal memory, and after obtaining an internet connection, transmits data to the internet service thus maintaining the continuity of work. Transmission of received data from counters to internet service moldmaker.eu is carried out at 5 minutes  or 30 minutes* intervals. This is a convenient addition to the phone with the MoldMaker Scan application installed. The device can work independently or in a group of several concentrators. It configures easyly and automaticaly updates its firmware. It does not require connection to the internal LAN network. Requires to be mounted high on the wall, so that it covers the largest possible area. Average receiving range 30-120m (100-400ft).

*- depending on the system usage fee

To place an order – contact us via e-mail: moldmaker@moldmaker.eu or your local distributor