Wireless counter MMC-11 MINI


Wireless device for recording the cycle of injection mould or die.
  • powered by internal battery with 5 years lifetime,
  • no LCD display,
  • cycle button,
  • non-resettable memory,
  • cycle time tracking,
  • efficiency calculation,
  • maintenance reminders,
  • no disassembly button,
  • overall dimensions and spacing of fastening bolts compatible with other mechanical counters,
  • easy interchangeability with old mechanical counters,
  • protection class IP 62
  • built in Bluetooth and NFC proximity NFC transmitter,
  • compatible with MoldMaker Scan application and MMCD Concentrators,
  • limited functionality in MoldMaker system,
  • temperature resistance -20°C do 85°C (-4°F – 185°F).

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