Wireless counter MMC-24 (24V control)


A wireless device for registering machine cycle, e.g. a press or injection molding machine. Used in situations where it is required to count the cycles of the machine itself, or when there are other obstacles, e.g. mtool temperature exceeds 85 ° C. It’s then possible to count tool cycles on the basis of impulses from the machine controller. The MoldMaker system assigns pulses to the tool that is currently working on the machine.

  • powered by internal battery with 5 years lifetime,
  • 8-digit LCD display,
  • 2 meters long control cable that accepts a voltage signal in the range of 0 – 24V
  • non-resettable memory,
  • cycle time tracking,
  • efficiency calculation,
  • maintenance reminders,
  • disassembly button, generating notifications when the counter is removed from the machine,
  • overall dimensions and spacing of fastening bolts compatible with other mechanical counters,
  • built in Bluetooth and NFC proximity transmitter,
  • compatible with MoldMaker Scan application and MMCD Concentrators,
  • compatible with MoldMaker system,
  • temperature resistance -20°C do 85°C (-4°F – 185°F).

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